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You are a member of the crew of a giant, multi-pilot mech called a CHRYSALIS - a semi-amorphous colossus entirely made from nano-materials that changes structure to fit the needs of battle. After a narrow, almost fatal escape from enemy forces, your CHRYSALIS has fallen dormant, no longer responding to inputs. This is the first time this has ever happened, and your crew has no plan for this. You're floating out in space only hours from being captured or worse...

Then. The CHRYSALIS starts shifting in ways you didn't know were possible. Old "wounds" start opening back up. New obstacles and rooms form in the corridors. Portions of the mech slowly oscillate between its current form and older ones. These are memories. Some you can make out, others too distorted to grasp onto. You don't know how it's possible but the mech has a mind of its own. The CHRYSALIS is dreaming... and you need to wake it up.

Chrysalis is a short RPG about a mech, memories and metamorphosis for GM and 1 to 3 players. Made for the #sadmechjam


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