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It's a normal day, as normal as anything ever is these days. A notification lights up your screen....

Here For You is a 2-person body horror RPG played with the Major Arcana of a tarot deck. This game takes place in real-time over instant messenger (like text message or Discord) with a standard play session lasting 1 to 1.5 hours.

Play as The Corrupted, a person undergoing terrible changes to their very being, and The Witness, someone they reach out to, scrambling to understand and stop this transformation before it finishes. These two people may be best friends or barely acquaintances but nonetheless are now embroiled in a race against time - and the inevitable. 

Here For You is about a sudden and unexpected change and how to cope with it. It's also a game about trying desperately to save someone even if you can't succeed. The game is ultimately about relationships, and what they mean to us as people. 

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Inspired by Body Horror media such as David Cronenberg's filmography, Akira, Annihilation, Masaaki Yuasa's Kemonozume, and others.

Originally designed and selected for publication by Carnegie Mellon University's ETC Press in 2021. Will be released in an ETC Press collection later in 2022.

Designed by William Lamkin and E. Argoff. Edited by Jonaya Kemper.

Japanese Translation by Yukari Yokoshima.


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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It looked very exciting, so I downloaded it and played right away.

The game system using tarot cards is very innovative. It was a lot of fun for players to draw along with the characters.

I also played it in a slightly creative way, changing the description depending on the position of the tarot cards. I think it is designed to be easy to play for both those who are familiar with tarot and those who are not.

If you don't mind, it was a very nice game that I would like to translate into Japanese and introduce to various people. 

Thank you!

I'm so glad you enjoyed it! And yes, I would appreciate it very much if you translated it into Japanese!

If you would like, once you've translated it, you could send me the text and we could make it official and put it on the original layout and include it as an option here! I think that would be really exciting. My email is wblamkin [at] gmail [dot] com


Thanks for the thoughtful reply! I am happy to be able to translate it into Japanese. 

I will send you an email as soon as the Japanese translation is completed. I am excited to be able to play this game to many Japanese people.


my friend and i tried this just now!!! it was super fun, especially since we have characters we're really attached to, and it was a nice to see them in this setting!

i'm super excited to play this with some of my other friends, i can't wait to see all the transformations and stuff, thank you so much for this!!!

oh yeah that's amazing i didn't even think about using it with characters you already had made!! so glad you played i'm glad you enjoyed !


wow i'm truly fond of this kind of games and especially this concept! It sounds like an awesome but mentally difficult game to play 


i'm so glad you're interested!! it can be a little stressful with the time limits but we're hoping that at least creates some interesting situations :)