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Created for the 2018 Micro-RPG Jam. Theme: "The Sun is Dead".

THE NUCLEUS is a sci-fi micro-rpg for 2-4 players and GM. 

The NUCLEUS is a white dwarf and what remains of the Sun. Encapsulating the NUCLEUS is the CELL - a "living" Dyson sphere, a fusion of supercomputer and a hive mind of humans wealthy enough to get in. The CELL defends itself through drones (called LYMPHS) and trading. You are on a crew of NEB-FARMERS, collecting gas to trade with the CELL.

In this game, players gather and spend resources called CANS that affect their chances of survival out in the Post-Solar System. Extremely valuable for a multitude of purposes, the game revolves around how much each player values these CANS and how and when they choose to spend, save, or barter them.



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